Jesus as Lord This is the hill we would die on. The most important value. Because Jesus is Lord we are called to submit to His Lordship in all areas of our lives.

Sprint-led community We believe in the inward dwelling of the third member of the Trinity given to all who believe. The Holy Spirit leads us into truth, convicts us of sin, empowers our calling as sent ones and gives gifts to the children of God. It is also the Holy Spirit who enables a bunch of rag-tag misfits to form a loving community.

Gospel-centrality We believe that the Gospel is good news for all people. For this reason we make clear that the cost of following Jesus is our whole lives.

Kingdom vision We do not know when but we are fully assured that the risen King Jesus will return and inaugurate His heavenly Kingdom, which he initiated in His birth 2000 years ago. We live in between the already and not yet and work, with God’s power, to bring about His Kingdom purposes on earth until He comes.

Egalitarian ministry The gifts given by the Spirit were given without regard to gender or ethnicity. These gifts were clearly given for the building up of the church. Therefore, whatever gift a person had been given, he or she ought to use it! We want to help people discover their gifts and calling and send them out to serve the Lord.

Disciple-making priority Every program and structure of our church but advance the priority of making disciples of Jesus. We define a disciple as a person who has submitted to Jesus as Lord, is growing in Christ-likeness and who is increasingly reorienting their life around the person and work of Jesus. Our plainly, we want to help people know and follow Jesus and help others do the same.

Holistic Redemption There is no sphere of life that is out of view of God and no place where God is not present. As the Kingdom of God expands, wrongs will be righted, injustice will end, prejudice and racism will disappear, illness and pain will be healed, broken relationships will be restored.